Living a Magickal Life through Yoga & Ritual

It is my mission to pass on what I have experienced and discovered in my own practices, and present it in a way to you that brings you joy, peace, child-like wonderment, and good health. Even with a little lightheartedness that I didn’t know was even possible. But it is!

Through deep inward exploration, you will find your own insights and awakenings, practices and schedules, and creative bursts that will feed your soul… that ever-present and über powerful bliss within.

You can also sprinkle with delight a variety of complementary healing modalities including yogic and tantric practices, rituals and seasonal ceremony, as well as mentoring and coaching for teachers and students. These authentic practices are provided for all levels, ages and abilities in a safe and nurturing environment.


Whether it’s wanting to delve into an advanced yoga practice or teaching method, live your creative life with more authenticity and zeal, chat entrepreneurship, or simply to reduce stress, I will help you tap into that sacred spark within by showing you how to infuse spiritual tools and divine grace and guidance into your everyday life.

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I have a very difficult time deciding what I liked most about the program. Was it the bliss and peace I experienced in the depth of meditation? Was it the joy of each new fascinating discovery about yoga? Was it the generous, loving teachers, or caring community of students? I can't pick just one. ~ Sandra Y.

This training was a very well rounded training program with classroom work, speakers and building it up to interactive teaching circles. I feel very prepared to teach! ~ Valerie L.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to share this time with Dharma and the rest of the class. I was blessed with many good friends that happened to meet me during this time of yoga. ~ Gina M.

Thank you so much for this experience! I am forever changed.. ~ Sam A.

The things I enjoyed most about the program were the teacher, the students and the energy that was created. I also appreciate how comprehensive and complete the training was. Wonderful program! Excellent, excellent, excellent.  ~ Lori S.

I learned so much not just about yoga but about the body and I also enjoyed the friendships that were made. I am truly surprised at how much I learned! (Teacher training) was an amazing experience! ~ Joanna C.

I very much enjoyed having Dharma as a teacher. I could not imagine it with another teacher. She is amazing! ~ Kelly I.

I loved the experience of this course - very profound and life long impact! ~ Jackie L.

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