Magdalene Feast Day


chalice well vesica pisces rose moon tri
chalice well vesica pisces rose moon tri

Mary Magdalene Feast Day

Livestream July 22, 2020

7:00-8:30pm EST

Zoom Livestream

chalice well vesica pisces rose moon tri

Welcome, as we honor and celebrate the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene in a live/livestream sacred sisterhood circle on her official Feast Day.

Mary Magdalene's presence is re-emerging strongly during this time of profound shifts through our consciousness and guiding us in remembering our feminine power, sacred relationship, service, and devotion.  As we acknowledge Mary Magdalene as equal to her beloved Yeshua, the truth of who she is celebrates the embodiment of  divine union, unconditional love, and the powers of co-creation. 

We will celebrate with ceremony, ritual, song, prayer, and sacred meditation. This is a powerful opportunity to deepen  your connection and mentorship with the Magdalene to support your unique path and remembrance of your feminine power of the Magdalene flame. Donations welcome.

Join us as we remember and honor the Magdalene Flame within.


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