Living a Magickal Life through Yoga & Ritual

It is my mission to pass on what I have experienced and discovered in my own practices, and present it in a way to you that brings you joy, peace, child-like wonderment, and good health. Even with a little lightheartedness that I didn’t know was even possible. But it is!

Through deep inward exploration, you will find your own insights and awakenings, practices and schedules, and creative bursts that will feed your soul… that ever-present and über powerful bliss within.

You can also sprinkle with delight a variety of complementary healing modalities including yogic and tantric practices, rituals and seasonal ceremony, as well as mentoring and coaching for teachers and students. These authentic practices are provided for all levels, ages and abilities in a safe and nurturing environment.


Whether it’s wanting to delve into an advanced yoga practice or teaching method, live your creative life with more authenticity and zeal, chat entrepreneurship, or simply to reduce stress, I will help you tap into that sacred spark within by showing you how to infuse spiritual tools and divine grace and guidance into your everyday life.

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Melissa L.

I enjoyed the way the Mindful Muse program nurtured my spirit. I was able to delve deeper into my meditation practice, especially with the guided meditations. The ritual circles helped me cultivate my own practice with my personal altar at home. I also really enjoyed the hatha raja asana practices. One of the most surprising portions of the program was the role that mudras played in my practice. They are so powerful and integrating mudras into my yoga practice has been a wonderful way to deepen it. The Mindful Muse program exceeded my expectations especially through the learning of the seasonal Wheel of the Year, mudras, crystals, incense, chakras, as well as other mystical aspects of yoga. I highly recommend this training!

Fran M.

I loved so much about this program, however, in a few bullet points, I truly enjoyed the following:

● Yoga practice, especially psychic development, including the asanas, meditation, breathwork, with Dharma Richards, who is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever known.

● Dharma’s discussions/sharing of meaningful elements and stories in yogic history and its correlation to our practices today.

● All of the guided information for developing a deeper commitment to the practice of yoga through sound/chanting, vibration, asana, breath, nature, crafting/seasonal goddess celebrations, reading, and applying learnings daily, to self-practice.

● Coming together as a circle of divine women who shared a strong connection to each other and our dedication to yoga within and beyond the studio.

● Discussions on the correspondences of rocks/crystals, nature, chakras, seasons, etc.

● Reiki Training

● Plus I really appreciate the Mindful Muse online portal that provided all of the reminders and information needed for the program.

The most surprising element I discovered about yoga during this program were the layers of depth and the relationship that I have developed with yoga, how I now think about the practice, and setting an intention and incorporating it as a daily part of my life.

My expectations of the Mindful Muse program certainly exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the love, care, and commitment that Dharma Richards has put into this program.


Dharma - Thank you for this amazing journey...I hope to always find my way back to your Mindful Muse circle. Om Shanti Om

Jamie W.

The Mindful Muse Apprenticeship enhanced the personal practice of yoga. They complemented each other so well. The themes and meditations were woven together beautifully. Yoga practices called on Goddess/God/Great Spirit deities, mantras and mudras, chakra studies, and seasons of the year to enhance the physical practice. I especially appreciated he portal housing information and additional resources supported and guided a deeper spiritual/personal practice. The Mindful Muse experience exceeded my expectations. All topics, offerings, and experiences were of high quality well planned. Information and expectations were clearly and consistently communicated. Support was readily available. This apprenticeship formed an inclusive and accepting community. We were able to learn and grow together under the guidance and support of Dharma Richards.

Brittany L.

I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the Mindful Muse program! The direction and style of teaching allowed me to feel much more comfortable in my teaching abilities. I loved the depth & history and really getting into what yoga is, all the different facets and stories that make up the different parts of the art and science of yoga. 


The Mindful Muse Training and Apprenticeship exceeded my expectations! I learned so much that I can give to others through these teachings. It has made me a better student, teacher & person.Everything was wonderful! I would do it all over again.

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