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Rosa Mystica

Yearly Virtual Temple

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chalice well vesica pisces rose moon tri
chalice well vesica pisces rose moon tri

Temple Doors Open Yearly April-July

With rose petals surrounding your feet, I welcome you as we honor and celebrate the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene with a 14-week online sisterhood temple retreat, culminating in a virtual sisterhood circle on her Feast Day. Our online journey begins yearly on April 22nd, and concludes with a virtual sacred circle ceremony on July 22nd. If you are unable to attend the live/livestream circle, we will hold space for you, sister, and you as a replay of the ceremony in which you can recreate in your own personal space and time.

Mary Magdalene achieved the goal of the human experience by becoming both fully human and fully divine. Thus, Mary embodied the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in perfect harmony and it was through this integration that she was able to fully understand and hold Jesus’ original teachings of compassion and love as she also brought them forward into the world. The world was not ready for her teachings some two thousand years ago, but the time is NOW. Join us as we explore the deeper mythos and hidden truths about the Magdalene revealed during her time with Jesus in her roles as student, initiate, equal partner, facilitator, and witness to the resurrection. Recently honored as being the Apostle of the Apostles, she continues Jesus’ mission of being Love in the world.

Mary Magdalene's presence is re-emerging strongly during this time of profound shifts through our consciousness and guiding us in remembering our feminine power, sacred relationship, service, and devotion.  As we acknowledge Mary Magdalene as equal to her beloved Yeshua, the truth of who she is celebrates the embodiment of  divine union, unconditional love, and the powers of co-creation. We will be uncovering and remembering the Magdalene through the lens of Christianity, Divine Feminine spirituality, archetypes, mythos, hidden truths, and mystery teachings.

In this 14-week sacred sistership circle, we will celebrate with ceremony, ritual, song, prayer, and sacred meditation along with a deeper dive through journaling questions for additional reflections. This combination online and live/livestream retreat is a powerful opportunity to deepen  your connection and mentorship with the Magdalene as being offered by Dharma to support your unique path and remembrance of your feminine power of the Magdalene flame.

Join us as we remember and honor the Magdalene flame within us.

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1 - Reclaiming the Bride and Beloved

  • Week 2 - Called 'the Magdalene'

  • Week 3 - Symbolic Value of 'H Magdalhnh'

  • Week 4 - The Cry of Gladness

  • Week 5 - Consecrated Matter

  • Week 6 - The Garden as a Metaphor

  • Week 7 - The Sacred Container

  • Week 8 - Symbols of the Faith Forgotten

  • Week 9 - Sharing Breath and Spirit

  • Week 10 - The One Who Cries

  • Week 11 - The Cave-Womb of the Earth

  • Week 12 - The Bark of Mary

  • Week 13 - The Holy Grail

  • Week 14 - Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, the Apostle of the Apostles

The Temple Retreat Includes:

  • 14 Sessions of online temple activations through weekly guided meditation audios, videos, prayer, lessons, sacred readings, and reflections

  • Feast Day sisterhood circle and ceremony

  • Personal ritual and altar-building recommendations

  • Journaling suggestions for deeper reflection

  • Private online platform for open discussions

  • Self-anointing guide and blessing ritual

The Magdalene Offers These Gifts:

  • Become open to the mythos and archetype of many stories and aspects of the Magdalene

  • Align with your Heart and Highest Soul through the Magdalene Flame

  • Open up to Divine communion with Mary Magdalene

  • Awaken your Divine Feminine essence

  • Activate your Sacred Feminine power

As you allow Her to support you in:

  • letting go of shame

  • becoming the creatrix of your own new stories

  • remembering you are the embodiment and vessel of Love

  • understanding that you truly belong to yourself, each another, Mother Earth, and the Divine Heart


Her expectations upon your arrival into Her Temple:

  • be receptive

  • open your mind

  • open your heart

  • let go of expectations, preconceived notions, and judgments


I look forward to deepening with you through Sisterhood, Sacred Circle & Celebration!

Temple Doors Open Yearly in April.


Registration is confirmed upon a sliding scale heart contribution:

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