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Living a Magickal Life

Livestream & Self-Paced

logo chalice well triple goddess moon ve
logo chalice well triple goddess moon ve

Living a Magickal Life

A Year and a Day Online Program

Begins November 1, 2020




Let the beauty that you love be what you do. 








Join Us!


Join us for a year-long pilgrimage to rediscover your inner mystic through eclectic spiritual practices based on the seasonal wheel of the year as we develop a deep relationship with Mother Nature through Her seasons and cycles.

Designed with your busy schedule in mind, our Living a Magickal Life Program nourishes you through monthly livestreams, seasonal celebrations, and a self-paced online learning portal.


This will support the modern woman’s journey of remembrance, connection, and communion with the Divine through ritual and ceremony, honoring the seasons of Mother Nature as it relates to the indigenous Celtic and Northern European Seasonal Wheel of the Year.


Through the eclectic lens of tantric philosophy, ancient wisdom teachings, mystical and modern-day priestess practices, we will honor the sacred body/mind/spirit temple through active prayer, ritual, and ceremony during our monthly 90-minute monthly livestream gatherings, while offering ongoing education and support through our online virtual temple space that will host a magickal menagerie of information and deeply transformative practices.


Your Inner Mystic


We are so accustomed to looking for happiness outside of ourselves. It's time to look within to rediscover your inner mystic, where it has always been and will always continue to be.


During Living a Magickal Life you will learn core skills of the mystic: 

  • to honor yourself, your family and friends, Mother Nature, and the world around you 

  • how through deep inward exploration you will find your own insights and awakenings, practices and schedules, and creative bursts that will feed your soul

  • how to tap into that sacred spark by infusing your spiritual tools with mindful intention

  • to call upon divine grace and guidance in your everyday life

  • acquire tools, knowledge, and experiences to aid in your return to your own TRUE NATURE

Areas of Study​​

  • Seasonal Wheel of the Year

    • Working with the elements

    • Sacred ritual and ceremony

    • Developing a relationship Mother Nature

  • Divine Feminine

    • Goddess studies

    • Matriarchal lineages

    • Feminine archetypes

    • Gentle Yoga

    • Traditional & tantric practices​

    • Mantra, mudra, & meditation

    • Chakra system & subtle energy

  • Ritual & Ceremony

    • Developing safe & sacred community

    • Creating sacred space & altar-building

    • Crafting of candles, herbs, incense, teas, & more

  • Self-study 

    • Journaling

    • Visualizations

    • Divination Arts

  • 33 CEUs for RYTs upon request

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Magick is a method to reach a true understanding of yourself and to act according to your true will.

This program is for those with a deep desire to...

  • deepen your connection with Goddess and the sacred Feminine

  • receive monthly spiritual tools and guidance to assist you on your spiritual journey

  • dive into the rich tapestry of spiritual practice, mythology, and sacred women's wisdom 

  • connect with and integrate the Great Mother Gaia and Her natural seasons into your everyday life

  • connect to others in community through monthly online connections, practices, ceremonies and rituals

The Magickal Lifestyle Program is available to women of all ages and all levels of spiritual practice. Dharma provides personal guidance for those dedicated students wishing to inspire, challenge, and transform their personal spiritual practices through connection with the Divine within. 


Through the self-discovery tools and experiences, you will be initiated in the intentional journey to your inner guide. You will discover your true self through yogic and mystical practices while honoring nature’s cycles through the goddess archetypes. This will be a transformative experience of direct revelation. This process will allow you to uncover and re-discover the inner mystic that is innate within us all.

If you are interested in tapping into your highest potential for the purpose of serving your family and friends, co-workers and community, as well as the world around you, join Dharma as she holds the space for you to explore and develop the necessary tools to begin this journey from a safe and informed place embedded in your own personal wisdom and knowing.

Practice becomes firmly established when attended to for a long period of time, without break, and with complete devotion. -Yoga Sutra 1:14

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Each Month You'll Receive

All learning material will be housed in our private virtual temple portal for you to access at your own pace:

  • 90-minute Livestream Celebration & Ritual with Mindful Muse Community

  • Monthly Topic Handouts, Lecture Material, and Content

  • Practical Personal Practice Recommendations

  • Recommended Reading List & Resources

  • Meditation & Guided Visualization Audios

  • 45-60-minute Gentle Yoga Class Video

  • Monthly Celebration Video Replay

  • Homework Suggestions

  • Deepening Practices

Livestream Dates 

All livestream circles will gather via Zoom on the following Sundays from 4:00-5:30pm EST. Click here for a local time converter. Video replays will be available on your learning portal within 24 hours of each gathering:

November 1, 2020

December 20, 2020

January 3, 2021

January 31, 2021

March 14, 2021

April 4, 2021

May 2, 2021

June 20, 2021

July 11, 2021

August 1, 2021

September 19, 2021

October 24, 2021

Heart Contribution





It is my desire for this program to be available for all committed seekers. Please contact me if you are not financially resourced at this time and would like to discuss other heart contribution options.

Mindful Muse Graduates

If you are a previous graduate of the Mindful Muse Apprenticeship, please contact me for a special 50% Discount Code.

One must only have the authentic desire to dive deeply into the seat of the soul to find the source of Truth, and wish to learn a divinely sacred and infinitely beautiful way to assist others to do the same.

What They're Saying

I enjoyed the way the Mindful Muse program nurtured my spirit. I was able to delve deeper into my meditation practice, especially with the guided meditations. The ritual circles helped me cultivate my own practice with my personal altar at home. I also really enjoyed the hatha raja asana practices. One of the most surprising portions of the program was the role that mudras played in my practice. They are so powerful and integrating mudras into my yoga practice has been a wonderful way to deepen it. The Mindful Muse program exceeded my expectations especially through the learning of the seasonal Wheel of the Year, mudras, crystals, incense, chakras, as well as other mystical aspects of yoga. I highly recommend this training!

Melissa L.

melissa lido bio pix.jpg

Brittany L.

brittany bio pix.jpg
logo chalice well triple goddess moon ve

I enjoyed EVERYTHING about the Mindful Muse program! The direction and style of teaching allowed me to feel much more comfortable in my teaching abilities. I loved the depth and history and really getting into what yoga is, all the different facets and stories that make up the different parts of the art and science of yoga. The Mindful Muse program exceeded my expectations! I learned so much that I can give to others through these teachings. It has made me a better student, teacher & person. Everything was wonderful! I would do it all over again.

logo chalice well triple goddess moon ve

The most surprising element I discovered about yoga during this program were the layers of depth and the relationship that I have developed with yoga, how I now think about the practice, and setting an intention and incorporating it as a daily part of my life. My expectations of the Mindful Muse program certainly exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the love, care, and commitment that Dharma Richards has put into this program. Dharma - Thank you for this amazing journey...I hope to always find my way back to your Mindful Muse circle. Om Shanti Om

Fran M.

logo chalice well triple goddess moon ve

Jamie W.

jaime W bio pix.jpg

The Mindful Muse program enhanced the personal practice of yoga. They complemented each other so well. The themes and meditations were woven together beautifully. Yoga practices called on Goddess/God/Great Spirit deities, mantras and mudras, chakra studies, and seasons of the year to enhance the physical practice. I especially appreciated he portal housing information and additional resources supported and guided a deeper spiritual/personal practice. The Mindful Muse experience exceeded my expectations. All topics, offerings, and experiences were of high quality well planned. Information and expectations were clearly and consistently communicated. Support was readily available. This apprenticeship formed an inclusive and accepting community. We were able to learn and grow together under the guidance and support of Dharma Richards.


  • An optional recommended reading list will be provided upon registration. Additional costs for required books not to exceed $85. Even though these books will not be required for the program, they are a compliment to homework suggestions and deepening practices.

  • This is not a yoga teacher training program, but a great continuing education in eclectic spiritual and yogic practices. RYT's may request up to 33 CEU's at the end of the program.​​


Cancellation Policy

  • Withdrawals up to 90 days before the start of the program: all payments refunded minus a $111 non-refundable deposit. 

  • Withdrawals within 90 days prior to start of the program: all payments are non-refundable unless a replacement participant is found. 

  • Once you begin the program, all payments are non-refundable. Non-attendance is non-refundable.

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