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Meditation Basics

Online Self-Paced

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4-Week Online Program


Whether you are new to meditation, or a current practitioner wanting to transition into a daily practice, this basics primer will guide you through a progression of breath work, creative visualization and meditation practices.  In this in-depth online self-paced weekly program you will be provided with personal guidance as we cover the basics of meditation, including:

  • the who/what/when/where/why of daily meditation

  • pranayama/breath work preparations

  • subtle energy channels

  • mantra and the sacred sound current

  • a variety of breath work and concentration methods

  • weekly homework including daily pranayama and meditation practices


PLUS! Weekly class videos and support materials will be available in your own private online learning portal you can access anytime! This online learning portal supports the weekly classes by including access to:

  • Weekly Class Video  - 45-60 minutes

  • Breath work details & practice notes

  • Meditation details & practice notes

  • Weekly Breath Work & Meditation Plan Worksheets

  • Online Community Portal for Q&A and Discussion

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For Sample Viewing Only - Contraindications May Apply

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