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Year and a Day

Online Self Study

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About the Muse


The Muse in mythology is the ancient inspirational goddess of literature, science, and the arts. Considered to be the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry, songs, and myths that were related orally for centuries in ancient cultures, the Muse embodies artistic inspiration and creative spirit.

Muses were described as "having one mind”, and often acted together and depended on each other’s wise counsel.  The Muse is generous with her abilities and skills, including offering a comforting, healing hand to those in need, and makes herself available to be a positive influence on others and the world around her.

Mindful Musings will Change Your Life!

Begins Yearly on November 1st.


From eclectic daily spiritual practices and rituals to routine offerings of selfless-service, PLEASE JOIN ME FOR THE NEXT YEAR AND A DAY as we move into the magickal, yet very real, a realm of the Mindful Muse.

We are so accustomed to looking for happiness outside of ourselves.  It's time to look within… where it has always been and will always continue to be. The Mindful Muse gives you a variety of usable tools, knowledge and experiences to return to your own true nature.

Through deep inward exploration, you will find your own insights and awakenings, practices and schedules, and creative bursts that will feed your soul… that ever-present and über powerful bliss within.

Tap into that sacred spark within by infusing your spiritual tools with mindful intention, and calling upon divine grace and guidance in your everyday life.​

The Mindful Muse program promotes mindfulness through getting and being in touch with the natural rhythms of life.

  • When you learn to live in the present, you are no longer influenced by our past and future. 

  • Pain and loss remain only as a memory and no longer define who you are.

  • Begin to notice the miracles of everyday life.

  • Mindfulness allows being in our natural state: happy, healthy and spiritual.

  • Return to our own true essence, our mindful muse and master within.

  • Mindfulness through change and the ebbs and flows of everyday life and living creates a more harmonic way of being.

  • Bringing the spiritual into everyday life through simple practices helps create balance.

  • Honoring the Divine through active prayer and mindful intention.

  • Practice becomes firmly rooted when attended to for a long period of time, without interruption, and with complete devotion. -Yoga Sutra 1:14

  • Adjust, update, evolve, and elevate to live in each moment with grace and ease.



Topics Include...

  • Seasonal Wheel of the Year

  • Meditation Audios

  • Journal Prompts 

  • Elements 

  • Goddess Study & Archetypes 

  • Symbols, Glyphs & Writing Meditations

  • Breathwork Practices

  • Incense  Recipes  

  • Stones & Crystals

  • Mudra

  • Herbal Remedies

  • Mantra 

  • Animal Totems 

  • Mandala and Yantra Meditations 

  • Yama & Niyama 

  • Moon Phases

  • Moving Meditations

  • Celebration, Ceremony & Ritual

  • Essential Oils & Blend Recipes

  • Flowers and Essences

  • Seva/Selfless-Service 

  • Infusions, Tincture, and Tea Recipes 

  • and MORE!



For the next year & a day...​


You will be guided daily through realistic snippets of inspiration, ideas, tips, and practices that you can use, play with, try, or even skim over and leave for another day or lifetime.  This program provides practical, doable daily activities in short and simple, yet juicy and informative lessons.

It is not a to-do list nor is there a set of rules or a schedule you must follow – just tasty musings and amusing morsels of creative insights that will help you tap into the Mindful Muse within.

No matter your religion or spiritual practice, these non-denominational insights and suggestions can be adapted to fit your lifestyle and belief system in a way that illuminates your highest self, serves your higher purpose, and ignites the Divine Spirit in and around you.

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