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Apprenticeship Program

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Mindful Muse Apprenticeship Program



The Mindful Muse Apprenticeship Program is available to women of all ages and all levels of spiritual practice. Classes meet one Sunday a month from 9:00am-5:00pm.


Dharma provides personal guidance for those dedicated students wishing to inspire, challenge, and transform their personal spiritual practices while concentrating on Goddess Studies and the Divine Feminine.


Through the self-discovery tools and experiences, you will be initiated in the intentional journey to your inner guide. You will discover your true self through yogic and mystical practices while honoring nature’s cycles through the goddess archetype. This will be a transformative experience of direct revelation. This process will allow you to uncover and re-discover the inner mystic that is innate within us all.

If you are interested in tapping into your highest potential for the purpose of serving your family and friends, co-workers and community, as well as the world around you, join Dharma as she holds the space for you to explore and develop the necessary tools to begin this journey from a safe and informed place embedded in your own personal wisdom and knowing.


Students will meet one Sunday a month for 12 months beginning in TBD (see dates below). We have developed a uniquely tailored program that cultivates each individual's unique gifts to be shared with group and community through the Reiki, the Holy Science of Yoga through classical and Kundalini practices, learning from nature and the September magick of working collectively. One must only have the authentic desire to dive deeply into the seat of the soul to find the source of Truth, and wish to learn a divinely sacred and infinitely beautiful way to assist others to do the same.



Additional costs for required reading books not to exceed $150. Required reading list will be provided upon registration.

  • Students are responsible for all payments even if a weekend is missed. There will be no refunds for training costs.

  • non-refundable deposit

  • Minimum of 10 students and maximum of 15 students

  • This is not a yoga teacher training program, but a great compliment for yoga practice and teaching. RYTs receive 100 CEU’s upon full completion.


* 100 CEU’s (for RYTs)

* Tantric and Kundalini Yogic Practices

* Developing a deep relationship with Nature

* Goddess Studies & Archetypes

* Magick of Ritual & Ceremony

* Intuition & Psychic Development

* Power of Gratitude

* Dreamwork Exploration

* Creating Sacred Space

* Crafting of candles, herbs, incense, teas, tools, and more

* Seasonal Sabbats & Ceremony

* Spiritual Ethics for Practitioners and Facilitators

* Developing Safe and Sacred Community

* Yama & Niyama: Moral Precepts of Yoga/Union

* Advanced Pranayama & Meditation Techniques

* Developing a relationship with the Elements

* Chakra System and Nadis Channels

* Magick Mudras

* Blissful Bandhas

* Shamanic Journeying

* Self-study through Journaling

* Yoga Nidra

* Shabad Guru - Traditional Mantras and Sacred Ceremonial Songs

* And Much More!

Heart Contribution Options

  • Option 1: $999, paid in full 

  • Option 2: $111/month for 12 months


Special Invitation for Mindful Muse Graduates

  • $495 paid in full

  • $50/month for 12 months


Cancellation Policy

  • Withdrawals up to 90 days before the start of the program: All payments refunded minus non-refundable deposit.

  • Withdrawals 60-0 days prior to start of the program: All payments are non-refundable unless a replacement student is found.

  • Once you begin the program, all payments are non-refundable. Non-attendance is non-refundable.

  • Withdrawals from the program must be made in writing or email.

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