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Self-Care Kit

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A Little Something for You!

🌹Rose Spa Playlist - Enjoy these relaxing sounds while taking a long bath sprinkled with rose petals and a few drops of rose water, or as a musical meditation - close your eyes, breathe deep, and ride the waves...

💧DIY Rosewater - make your own organic rose water. Keep cool in the refrigerator and spritz yourself anytime you need a little pick-me-up.

💃🏼Move Your Body - Tune into the sacred sounds of the Krishna Das - Yoga Revolution playlist - close your eyes, smile, and just let the rhythms move the body.

☕Intentionaliteas Mindful Muse Experience Box for Self-Love - An exceptional collaboration with Intentionaliteas, this Beauty-Full self-care box includes Love tea, sage bundle, pink love candle, rose quartz, and a fun tarot spread to offer insight on ways in which to obtain the love and self-care you deserve.

📚Grab a Good Read - Currently in my reading pile are Braiding Sweetgrass,  Morning Altars, and  H is for Hawk. Please hop on to our Private Facebook Group and share your favorites!

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